Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers

Life Fitness elliptical trainers, like all their fitness machines, are designed for those who are serious about their training – and who also have a serious amount of cash!

They produce some of the best quality machines on the market and have been doing so since the 1960s. Life Fitness are undoubtedly the market-leader when it comes to innovation – they were the first people to put computers on fitness equipment back in the 70s!

Their trainers start at around £1,350 and go up to well over £3,000. As we said they’re not cheap but if you buy Life Fitness you know you’re getting top quality, top features and a machine that will last for years and help you achieve your fitness goals.

We’ve listed below the Life Fitness trainers we’ve tried so far with the best online price we can find. Few of our clients own these machines so we have to thank a number of retailers for letting us try the models in their showrooms. You’ll find virtually every retailer selling Life Fitness at the same price so the deal from Gymcompany can make all the difference. Gymcompany also have a very good reputation for customer care and after sales service.

Please note:
Life Fitness cross trainers will usually cost the same from all retailers. This is because Life Fitness are very fussy about who sells their fitness equipment. Retailers have to have at least six different models on display to the public in a showroom before Life Fitness will supply them.

But Beware! A number of online retailers will list Life Fitness ellipticals and equipment on their website at a great looking price. But – when you come to order one they will contact you to say something like ‘they’re currently experiencing delays and would you like a similar model at a lower price’. If this happens cancel your order straight away! The truth is they can’t sell Life Fitness as they don’t meet the criteria and will try to fob you off with a sub-standard model at an inflated price.

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Life Fitness Elliptical Trainers:-

Please note:
We’ve listed the ‘advanced’ trainers from the x-series below. The ‘basic’ models are the same trainer but with a different console with fewer programmes. We believe if you’re going to pay well over a thousand pounds on a trainer, another £150 to £200 is well worth it for the extra functions and programmes you get.

We’ve been unable to try the X7 model to date but as it comes with shock absorbing pedals we can only image what that must feel like!

Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers No Longer Available In The UK

Life X1

Please note: We’ve reviewed the X1 Advanced trainer, the Basic model is the same trainer but with a different console with fewer programmes. We believe if…

Life Fitness X1

The X1 may be Life Fitness’ entry level elliptical but as the price tag and spec sheet shows, it’s certainly not a ‘budget’ machine! There are…

Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification. Models change on a regular basis and may differ slightly from the above review. We recommend you contact the retailer if you have a question regarding technical data. Please read our Legal Disclaimer

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