Beny V-Fit Elliptical Trainers

Beny V-Fit elliptical trainers generally make entry level models – that’s marketing speak for the cheaper options.

They can do this by manufacturing out of the Far East but this doesn’t appear to affect the quality. They are well designed and use up to date technology to put together credible machines at very competitive prices.

Beny have a good reputation for customer service and cover all their elliptical trainers with a two year parts and labour warranty – which is not bad for the lower end of the market.

Beny elliptical trainers are obviously not going to have all the whistles and bells that much higher price models boast, but they can provide a reliable machine that will help you to get fit at very reasonable prices.

So nothing too flash but with prices ranging from £90 up to about £300
there’s plenty of choice for someone looking for affordable home fitness equipment.

We’ve listed below the Beny trainers we’ve tried so far with the best online price we can find.

We’ve also put a link to Amazon so you can search for a better price with them – but always check the delivery cost! What can appear cheaper initially doesn’t always turn out to be a bargain once you add on the postage.

Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification. Models change on a regular basis and may differ slightly from the above review. We recommend you contact the retailer if you have a question regarding technical data. Please read our Legal Disclaimer

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