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The score we give each trainer is in relation to its price range and should only be used to compare with other trainers within its bracket. The best price we list is what we can find at present, the costs differ dramatically between retailers but if you see one that is so much lower than the rest check that it's new and not a re-conditioned model before buying, also check that it has the full manufacturers warranty compared to the higher priced models for more information see where to buy an elliptical trainer.


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Cross Trainers Under £400
Model Name Resistance Stride Flywheel (kg) Progs Features Our Score* Best Price (£) Retailer
V-fit MTE-3 Manual Magnetic 11" (28cm) 4.5 - Rear drive, oversized footplates to be reviewed 150.90
Kettler Alpine Servo Magnetic 13" (34cm) 8 12 Rear drive, Alarm when max pulse is exceeded, Oversized footplates 249.00
York Active 110 Manual Magnetic 12” (30.5cm) 6 4 Rear drive, oversized footplates to be reviewed 249.99
V-Fit MPTE2 Magnetic Manual Magnetic 13" (33cm) 6 19 Rear drive, oversized footplates to be reviewed 262.33
Proform 225 CSE Servo Magnetic 14.2" (36 cm) 7 8 Rear dirve, Effective Interia Flywheel, iFit Smart BlueTooth compatibility to be reviewed 285.00 ProForm
Viavito Sina Servo Magnetic 15" (38cm) 9 20 Rear drive, Wireless Receiver, HRC, Scalable progs 299.00 Viavito
Viavito Setry 2-in-1 Servo Magnetic 12.3" (31.2cm) 5 19 Rear drive, 2-in-1 Bike / Elliptical, User profiles, Recovery, BMI and Body Fat test 299.00 Viavito
Reebok One GX40 Manual Magnetic 38cm (15’’) 6 - Rear drive, Body Fat Test, Tablet Holder 299.00
ProForm 450 LE Servo Magnetic 18" (45.7cm) 6 18 Rear drive, iFit® Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Enabled, Cool Aire workout fan, Compatible Music Port for iPod®/mp3 player 372.00
York Active 120 2-in-1 Servo Magnetic 12" (30.5cm) 7 17 Rear drive, 2-in-1 Bike / Elliptical, bottle holder 379.99
NordicTrack Audiostrider 400 Servo Magnetic 16" (40.6cm) 12 20 Rear drive, iFit Live compatibility, iPod/MP3 compatibility 399.00 NordicTrack
Cross Trainers From £401 - £1000
Model Name Resistance Stride Flywheel (kg) Progs Features Our Score* Best Price (£) Retailer
Reebok One GX60 Servo Magnetic 15’’ (38cm) 7 20 Rear drive, USB charge function, bottle holder 406.94
DKN XC-140i Black Servo Magnetic 16" (40.6cm) 14 12 Including HRC Rear drive, tablet app 469.00 DKN
Proform Endurance 420 E Servo Magnetic 20’’ (51cm) 6 20 Front drive, effective inertia flywheel, iFit compatible to be reviewed 483.00 ProForm
York Perform 230 Servo Magnetic 19" (48cm) 7 23 Front drive, bottle holder 599.00
DKN XC-160i Servo Magnetic 20’’ (50.8cm) 20 12 Front drive, android/iOS apps, 4 user profiles 719.40 DKN
York Excel 310 Rear Drive Electro Magnetic 16" (40.6cm) 13.5 18 Rear drive 792.58
NordicTrack Elite 11.0 Servo Magnetic 18.5”-20” (47-51cm) 12 26 Front drive, powered incline ramp, music port for iPod/mp3 player, speakers 799.00 John Lewis
NordicTrack A.C.T. Commercial Servo Magnetic 18"-22" (46-56cm) 10 32 Music port for iPod®/mp3 player, speakers, Autobreeze™ workout fan 799.00
ProForm 7.0 Servo Magnetic 19.6"-20.8" (50-53cm) 11 29 Front drive, Power Ramp, iFit compatible 799.00
Xterra Free Style 5.8e 2017 Servo Magnetic 20” (50.8cm) 11.3 13 Front drive, electronically controlled incline, Interval training options 799.00
Reebok Titanium TXF3.0 Servo Magnetic 19.5" (49.5cm) 10 20 Front drive, Cooling fan, Speakers + MP3 compatible jack 911.48
Sole E25 (2016/17) Servo Magnetic 20” (50.8cm) 11.3 10 Front drive, bluetooth connectivity, MP3 connectivity and sound system, cooling fans to be reviewed 998.99
Cross Trainers Over £1000
Model Name Resistance Stride Flywheel (kg) Progs Features Our Score* Best Price (£) Retailer
XC-170i Multi Motion Servo Magnetic 18'' to 23'' (46cm - 58cm) 11 32 Front drive, adjustable stride, DKN iWorld, Vescape, Bitgym, Kinomap compatibility 1019.40 DKN
Kettler Skylon 5 Electro Magnetic 19.5" (50cm) 22 10 Front drive, foldable, pulse grips, Polar compatible pulse receiver to be reviewed 1049.25
DKN AirTrainer XC-220i Air Magnetic 54cm (21.2’’) 18 12 DKN iWorld and DKN-Motion app compatibility, Tablet holder 1099.00 DKN
Kettler Skylon S Electro Magnetic 19.7” (50cm) 22 infinite (S-FIT app) Bluetooth connectivity, Kettler SFit compability, pulse hold function 1249.00
NordicTrack Commercial 12.9 Servo Magnetic 18”-20” (46cm-51cm) 15 37 Front drive, effective inertia class S flywheel, adjustable power ramp incline, adjustable power stride 1299.00
NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Servo Magnetic 38" (97cm) 10 24 Center drive, Inertia enhanced flywheel, auto-adjustable stride, 3 in 1 stepper/treadmill/elliptical 1499.00

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